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Birmingham Gives Brilliant Response to Anti-Muslim Far-right

Birmingham Gives Brilliant Response to Anti-Muslim Far-right
Golding speaks to camera to talk about Britain First's claims (Photo: Facebook)

LONDON – A video titled ‘Operation Fightback’ was posted on a far-right group’s Facebook page, showing an attack on a Muslim-owned book store, has drawn the ire of Birmingham community, who rushed to share their support against hate.

“Amazing Easter Sunday spent visiting Islamic bookshops on Alum Rock Rd with Christian neighbors from local Church. Our response to hate,” Councillor Mariam Khan wrote on Twitter.

The video footage, titled ‘Operation Fightback’, was posted on Britain First’s Facebook page, showing the group members arriving at an Islamic book shop in Alum Rock.

The video begins with the group’s leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen alongside ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson storming the store while being pelted with eggs.

They confront a volunteer working at the shop and accuse him of selling extremist literature, which he forcibly denies, Birmingham Mail reports.

Christians and Muslims have spoken out in support of the store in Alum Rock, Birmingham, after seeing the footage posted online by Britain First when they confronted staff.

Social commentator Waheed Saleem said the West Midlands Police van was visible on the road after an “unwelcome visit” by Britain First.

In 2014, members of far-right Britain First party invaded several mosques in London, Bradford and Glasgow to hand out Christian leaflets and bibles over the past months.

According to representatives of Britain First, an offshoot of the British National party, mosque visits were part of a “Christian crusade” campaign against Islam.

Britain is home to an estimated Muslim minority of nearly 2.7 million, according to 2011 survey.

A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

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