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Who Are US Muslims? (Video)

WASHINGTON – A new video showing statistics about American Muslims, their activism, and numbers was released by Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) late last month.

The video, based on an ISPU poll offers a timely and groundbreaking look into the American Muslim community.

Titled, American Muslim Poll 2017: Muslims at the Crossroads, it also helps narrow the wide knowledge gap.

The report covers interviews with nearly 2,400 American residents from diverse religious backgrounds, including roughly 800 Muslims.

The data suggest that this rapidly growing group is strongly shaped by a few factors. US Muslims are younger and more liberal than their neighbors. They tend to be fairly religious. And they are extremely anxious about what’s happening in America.

Though there are no official estimates, the US is home to an estimated Muslim minority of six to eight million.

An earlier Gallup poll found that the majority of Americans Muslims are loyal to their country and optimistic about their future in the United States.

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