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US Muslims Mark Women’s History Month

US Muslims Mark Women’s History Month
CAIR Development Coordinator, Silgai Naghma Mohmand

WASHINGTON, DC – A leading American Muslim civil rights group has launched a campaign to celebrate the success of the Muslim women in the US, as they prepare for the Muslim Women Day on March 27.

“Women’s History Month is here and we’re excited to be a part of a conversation honoring the women around us!” the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations wrote on Facebook.

“Stay tuned for a month’s worth of beautiful stories, announcements, and ways to get involved in standing by the women in our families, workplace, and communities.”

The series of success stories started Friday as the group highlighted the success story of CAIR Development Coordinator, Silgai Naghma Mohmand.

“Silgai is a recent graduate from UCI and is an aspiring lawyer. She is an intern with the Democratic Party of Orange County and mentors high school students at University of California, Irvine School of Law. She loves working with the community and empowering others. We appreciate all that you do Silgai!” the page says.

The second episode highlighted the success story of American Muslim boxer Amaiya Zafar.

Zafar is a 17-year-old American Muslim boxer from Minnesota. She won the Ringside World Championship in 2017.

“It kinda started as a joke, my dad and I were watching a friend’s fencing bout and he suggested I try fencing as an individual sport that still consists of the teamwork and community. My immediate reaction was, “Uh no! No way will I ever do fencing, I would box before I would fence,” Zafar said, speaking about how she got into boxing.

“That stuff is whack, I’m not having someone shove blades at me. I’d rather be punched in the face!” He responded with a laugh, “Alright, I’ll find a boxing gym for you to try out.” And I had no objection,” she added.

To follow other success stories, follow the hashtags: #WomensHistoryMonth and #MuslimWomensday.

US Muslim Women Celebrate #Muslimwomensday on Twitter

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