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Muslim Designer’s Modest Line Wows NY Fashion Week

NEW YORK – Once again, fashionable abayas and hijabs hit New York fashion week’s runway, as modest fashion designers hope to capitalize on the growing market.

“Very excited!” Indonesian designer Vivi Zubedi giggled backstage after being mobbed by friends and family, taking selfies with US bloggers who admire her fashion-forward Islamic-style clothing, even if they are not Muslim, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported.

“I have a lot of clients here actually,” she said.

Zubedi was excited after releasing her abaya-only collection, which won praise from the audience.

Unlike the average US catwalk display of legs and cleavage, there was barely a strand of hair in sight, and even hands were cloaked in leather gloves or shielded by flouncy lacy cuffs.

Fashion week comes amid a rise in the so-called “modest fashion” market targeting Muslim women.

Over the past few months, the industry got more political, promoting diversity and acceptance of the other. Many saw it as a challenge to the rise in sentiments targeting the religious community in the US.

Zubedi’s collection of luxurious abayas, made from a crystal-embossed material, won the praise of those in attendance.

“I thought the show was amazing,” US blogger and stylist Dyandra Raye said. “I would wear all of them! I’m super dramatic!”

Fashion writer Kristen Martin shared a similar opinion.

“I absolutely loved it,” Martin said.

“I think it’s really important for us to embrace each other’s culture. The line was just really detailed and it made me excited.”

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