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Hulk Defends Muslims on Twitter

Hulk Defends Muslims on Twitter

NEW YORK – Avengers’ star Mark Ruffalo, who performs the role of The Hulk in the series, perfectly responded to an Islamophobic comment on Twitter from a man who said that he was scared of Muslims.

The encounter started when a guy who uses the title Sassy Gay Republican on Twitter, posted a tweet saying he is afraid of Muslims, The Express Tribune reported on Sunday, September 24.

Muslim lawyer and activist Qasim Rashid responded to the Islamophobic tweet saying, “I know what you mean. I get really uncomfortable when I see a young white male like you walk into an elementary school or movie theater.”

Rashid’s tweet was then responded by the actor himself, who made a beautiful comment.

“Maybe it’s time to have dinner with a Muslim. I promise you there is a whole beautiful world out there that’s not so scary,” Ruffalo wrote on Twitter.

The actor’s response was liked more than 3000 times and retweeted more than 900 times by both Muslim and non-Muslim users.

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