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Hate Floods Muslim Women Group after Endorsing Clinton

Hate Floods Muslim Women Group after Endorsing Clinton
An audience member holds a ‘Muslims for Hillary Clinton’ sign during a campaign stop in Haverford, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

WASHINGTON – An American Muslim group, which includes the Gold Star mother Ghazala Khan, is complaining of a flood of hate mail and phone calls threatening it after endorsing Hillary Clinton for presidency.

Mirriam Seddiq, a criminal defense attorney and the founder of the group, woke up to an email with a link to a site that sold ammunition covered in pork.

“It’s bullets made to kill Muslims,” Seddiq told The Guardian on Wednesday.

The hate mail and aggressive phone calls followed a post on the aggregator site Drudge Report highlighting their group on the top of the site.

A link that read “Hijab for Hillary” referred to a press release of the group endorsing Hillary Clinton last week.

While the link meant their site received a wave in traffic, the press release also contained Seddiq and her colleagues’ names and phone numbers.

“We’ve gotten dozens of hate mail to the website. And then our [communications director] said she had gotten about a dozen if not more hate emails,” Seddiq told the Guardian.

“And then the phone calls started.”

The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee was created a few weeks ago as the latest example of growing political activism in US Muslim community triggered by Donald Trump.Hate Floods Muslim Women Group after Endorsing Clinton_hijab for Hillary

Trump was an important catalyst that helped Muslim women to unite, sending him one message: Thanks for bringing us together.

The Republican presidential nominee called for a ban on Muslims entering the US, cast Syrian refugees as potential terrorists and suggested U.S. Muslims are failing to report potential extremists.

“This is not an unusual thing to have women involved in politics,” said Seddiq.

Seddiq said that the hate emails and phone calls were exactly the reason they started the Pac to begin with.

Responding the hate e-mails, the Pac is selling pink “Hijab for Hillary” T-shirts that can be ordered on their site.

“We thank Matt Drudge and the Drudge Report for that,” Seddiq said.


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