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Clinton Addresses Trump’s Muslim Ban in New Advert

WASHINGTON – Only a few days to November 8 presidential election, the official campaign of Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton released on Friday, October 21, a new emotional advert which attacks Republican candidate’s proposed Muslim ban.

The new ad features Khizr Khan, the father of slain US soldier and Muslim-American Humayun Khan.

Humayun Khan, 27, died in 2004 in Iraq when he ran toward a suicide bomber, saving the lives of hundreds of soldiers in the mess hall the bomber was headed toward.

The deeply emotional footage aims to make a mockery of Trump’s repeated calls to ban Muslim immigration to the US over fears of terrorism.

In the ad, Khizr Khan speaks as he looks through remnants of his son’s time in the army.

The audience sees photos, certificates and insignias, and most poignantly, witnesses Khizr Khan hug the American flag.

The ad climaxes as Khizr Khan, fighting back tears, states: “My son was Captain Humayun Khan. He was 27 years old and he was a Muslim American.

“I want to ask Mr Trump; Would my son have a place in your America?”

Khizr Khan made an  appearance at the Democratic National Convention this summer after the grieving father blasted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

At the convention, Khizr Khan questioned whether Trump had read the US constitution, and said Trump has “sacrificed nothing and no one.”

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