Ramadan is approaching and is due to start in around 1 month In-Shaa-Allah
Are you ready?
If you are a new convert to Islam, please join us in this Facebook Live Session:

1- To help prepare for the month of Ramadan as far as knowledge of the basics of fasting is concerned

2- To help alleviate any worries/concerns about fasting Ramadan for the first time, especially long fasting hours in the summer and new daily routine

3- To discuss some useful practical tips to make Ramadan easier for those fasting for the first time

Send us your questions or join us LIVE next Sunday, April 22nd. to ask!
Join us live on our Facebook page at 19.00 p.m. Makkah time (17:00 GMT) on Sunday, April 22nd and bring all your questions about preparing for Ramadan.  
You can also send your questions in advance to [email protected]