Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, 

Being a Muslim convert can be lonely. When Ramadan rolls around, this feeling of loneliness is intensified. Converts to Islam are acutely aware that the month of fasting should be the busiest and most social time in their faith community, but they often feel as if they are sitting on the sidelines.

For this reason, we are pleased to offer a Live Session for converts to Islam who may not be so new to the deen, to answer questions on how to make Ramadan less lonely.

The session host will be writer and convert to Islam, Theresa Corbin. So please, jot down your questions and join us Thursday, June 15th, from 4 PM-5 PM GMT  (7 PM – 8 PM Makkah) (12 AM – 1 PM New York).

If you won’t be available during this time, but you have questions that need answers, don’t worry! You can email your questions in advance to [email protected], and our counselor will include them in the Live Session.