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Imam Omar Suleiman in Syria

Imam Omar Suleiman in Syria
A photo from Imam Omar Suleiman's previous visit to Syria in August 2017.

Imam Omar Suleiman was in a visit to Syria, accompanied by a team from Helping Hand, a relief organization that has been providing humanitarian relief and assistance to the Syrian refugees.

The ongoing crisis in Syria is in its 6th year and as a result, 250,000 people have been killed with more than 50% displaced. Of the over 4,810,216 registered Syrian refugees 635,324 are residing in Jordan where 86% are living below the local poverty line. Over 13.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside the country.

Suleiman posted many touching photos and live videos from the refugee camps urging people to support those vulnerable humans of Syria. 

Concluding his visit today, he posted this farewell post:

Omar Ibn Al Khattab (ra) feared that he would be taken to account on the day of judgment for not paving the way for a donkey. Dina is a 7 year old girl from Raqqa. She’s a human being. Just because you have something over your head, doesn’t mean you have a home. This picture captures everything for me as I bid farewell once again. We may have taken her some food, a coat, a backpack, and a trailer to be used as a school. But this is what she walks back to after her temporary moments of “escape” in a small trailer every day. I get to go home now, but this is what she returns to.

I’m not posting this to belittle the great work of charity that so many organizations do through the generosity of people who are grateful for the blessings bestowed upon them by their Creator, but to impress upon all of us the importance of taking responsibility for these children. They expect us to be their voice. We can’t change anything by waving a magic wand, but we can continue to pray and strive. Your dua matters. Your work in policy matters. Your charity matters. Your protests matter. Let’s not stop striving until Dina can walk to a home that we would want for our own daughters.

Tomorrow they’re expecting flooding. Oh Allah protect these beautiful souls, and forgive us for not doing enough for them. Ameen


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