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Happy Muslim Women’s Day!

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Happy Muslim Women’s Day!
Marking the occasion of International Women’s Day, we bring you a collection of interesting reads on a variety of topics related to women. We hope you enjoy it!

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Whether we celebrate or mourn the ‘status of women’ depends on context. Are we talking about the status of women in the old testament Bible, or the status of women in the US.

Have you ever thought about the blessings of being a woman? Sometimes we just take things for granted without stopping for a while to think about very important things in our lives; one of such important things is being a woman!.

She was clearly irritated. It was the gazillionth time she had to answer the same question, and hear that judgmental tone.
What is so wrong about not getting married? Is life all about marriage and having kids? Is she incomplete just being herself?.

God created men and women with certain differences so that they complete each other. The biological differences assigned women primarily to bear and raise children and men to be the protector and maintainer of the family due to his physical strength.

Being a woman is a blessing from Allah, along with everything that has been bestowed upon us, whatever we have within our grasp is a gift and one should always accept gifts with graciousness and content focusing on what one has, not what is missing.

Men always claim that it’s hard to please a woman and that women in general are not easy to understand. However, women don’t ask for too much in order to be pleased.

My first memories of mosques as a female convert in the UK are of waiting around for a reluctant male mosque member who could unlock the door to the dingy, cramped ‘women’s’ room.

Role Models

Surrounding our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) were men and women of unparalleled faith, commitment, and love for Allah and His Messenger.

Talking about women with power is often still, in the 21st century, a controversial or sensitive subject. The poster of Rosie the Riveter girl with a clenched fist and a red bandana was iconic in popular culture.

I am originally from Sudan but grew up in Abu Dhabi – UAE. I started wearing hijab when I was 15 years old.
For me, it was just the natural thing to do.

This is Iman Zawahry, a hijabi Muslim American filmmaker. Not only is Iman an outspoken filmmaker, she is also a college professor, zumba instructor.

Aishah, the third wife of Prophet Muhammad r, was born into a Muslim family. Her mother’s name was Umm Ruman and her father was Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, the Prophet’s r best friend.


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