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Know How to Handle Your Bossy Manager

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Know How to Handle Your Bossy Manager

Is your manager your nightmare? Is he/she pushing you to quit your work and you find it so hard to deal with such a bossy nervous manager?

Don’t worry, through this article we’ll try to help you deal with your hard boss. The first you need to know is your boss style or type, as it would help you find the suitable key to deal with him/her.

1-The Grunt

The grunt has no original thought, drive or ambition. In fact, two short planks of wood make a better boss.

*The best way to manage a grunt boss is to let them stick to what they know, and wait patiently for the next round of downsizing and waving them off the premises.

2-The Control-Freak

The controlling manager barely lets you cough in a meeting let alone say something original or creative. Anything that doesn’t conform is changed or rejected. Eventually you suffer from learned helplessness, the inability to think or function for yourself.

*To deal with a control-freak manager provide reassurance by detailing the steps you’ve taken, who you’ve spoken to and how you’ve assessed and addressed any risks.

3-The Absent Manager

When your main conversation with your boss is a hurried chat masquerading as an annual appraisal, you could say you’ve got an absent manager. No manager may be better than an absent manager.

*Adopt with the absent manager by establishing a routine for communication, and stick to it. Think and talk in headlines, summing up what decisions they need to make, or direction they need to give and get out. It might take more effort on your part, but your manager will respect you for it.

4-The Rude Boss

That person who speaks loudly and rudely. Bad bosses don’t provide the air time for staff to respond to accusations and comments. They intimidate people and bully staff. They allow other employees to bully employees.

*Be nice to the rude boss, always remember the holy verse of Qur’an:

“Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.” ( Surat Fussilat- Verse 34)

5- The Weak Manager

This kind of managers won’t stand up for you.  They aggressively avoid taking risks.

But the underlying causes of their behavior can vary. Often, they simply want to be liked by everyone, and can’t stand conflict.  They may also be ill-trained and lacking management skills.

* If you are dealing with a weak manager, identify the problem. For example, if your manager needs to be liked by everyone, avoid communications that suggest contentious or highly charged emotional issues.  Where you can, solve conflicts yourself.boss

If his problem is that he is spineless and refuses to take on any leadership role, talk to your boss’s boss. Make his life easy by only talking to him about critical issues.

If your boss is lacking management skills, tell him what you need from him to do your job. Then cover yourself by sending an e-mail.

6-The Political Manager 

He has an unerring ability to know what will make him look good. He will go to bat for you only on issues that serve his political agenda. He’s sneaky and plays favorites. He won’t think twice about using you as a sacrificial lamb to support his own career goals. *Support his high need for recognition by making him look good on strategic projects. Focus your own efforts on “high-value” work. Be prepared to share the limelight, even if it kills you.

Don’t trust him to have your own interests at heart. Pitch him on work you want to do by emphasizing its profile and importance to senior management.

7-The Black-and-White Manager

 He just doesn’t get it — either because he has the IQ of an eraser or he is as concrete as they come. He doesn’t understand context, nuance, or high-level ideas. *If his problem is intellectual deficiency, indulge him like a misguided child. Better yet, ignore him if you can. But if the problem is one of cognitive style, shape your communications to his needs.

If he is fact-oriented, don’t waste your time painting compelling arguments based on ideas. Simply state the facts and provide information unembellished.

General tips to deal with your bad boss:

-Never go head-to-head with your boss: going over your manger’s head will defiantly put you in a bad situation.

-Put yourself in your boss shoes: Try to see things from her perspective: How is she being measured? What pressures is she under?

-Ignore the methods and focus on the results: Maybe her method of coping isn’t the best one, but to improve the situation you’ve got to ignore her methods for the moment and focus on the result she’s trying to achieve

Leave your work: although this seems like the most logical answer, but it’s actually the last alternative that you should consider. Always remember that jobs are not that easy to find those days. And it’s a shame to give up your knowledge and seniority in your position just because you failed dealing with your boss.



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