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Where to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr – Pay Yours Before Eid

Where to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr – Pay Yours Before Eid

Zakat al-Fitr is an important part of Ramadan and a key charity given at the end of the holy month.

Every Muslim is required to pay Zakat al-Fitr at the conclusion of the month of Ramadan as a token of thankfulness to God for having enabled him or her to observe the obligatory fast. Its purpose is: As a levy on the fasting person.

Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) ordained Zakat ul Fitr to purify the fasting person from indecent words or actions, and to provide food for the needy. It is accepted as zakah for the person who gives it before the Eid prayer; but it is a mere sadaqah for the one who gives it after the prayer.” [Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah]

The main purpose of Zakat al-Fitr is to provide the poor with a means with which they can celebrate the festival of breaking the fast (`Eid al-Fitr) along with the rest of the Muslims.

Here, we bring to you a list of the most well known Muslim organizations, through which you can pay your Zakah.

Islamic Relief

The amount due for each person is £5.

Give your Zakat al-Fitr for the love of Allah (SWT).

Penny Appeal

“Among the best deeds are to feed the poor and the deserving and to greet those whom you know and those whom you do not” Sahir Al-Bukhari

The amount of Zakat ul-Fitr for this year with Penny Appeal is £3.50 per person. It has been calculated at this price because it is the average price of a meal in the UK.

The Zakat al-Fitr donations are used to provide food for the needy.


Muslim Aid 

£5 per person

Giving Zakat-ul-Fitr before Eid-ul-Fitr prayers is extremely important, as a late payment is invalid and the obligation can’t be made up for.

Muslim Hands

Give More, Gain More in the last days of Ramadan.

Give your Zakat and Sadaqah today to help the needy around the world.


National Zakat Foundation 

This Ramadan, let your Zakat be your commitment to the change you wish to see.

Helping Hand 

The celebration of Eid ul Fitr is eagerly awaited by everyone. Pay your Zakat to make it a happy Eid for the poor as well.

FITRA: Text ‘FITRA’ to 27722 to donate $10 towards HHRD programs **

Zakat ul Fitr: $10/person

Human Appeal

How much is Zakat al Fitr?

The Prophet described the quantity of Zakat al Fitr as one saa’ which is payable as food – such as barley or dried dates. A saa’ is equal to four madd (the amount you can scoop up in your two palms) or approximately three liters of a staple food. Human Appeal has translated this into a monetary value of £4 per person.

Pay your Zakat al Fitr with Human Appeal today.

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