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11-Year-Old Brings Lego to Ugandan Children

11-Year-Old Brings Lego to Ugandan Children

Lego Africa, a charity created by a six-year-old California boy named Micah Slentz, collected Lego blocks from families who no longer wanted them in the U.S. before sending them to Uganda.

The charity sent 50 pounds of Lego to a school in rural Uganda, where neither the students nor the teachers had ever seen the toy before.


Micah came up with the idea when he was six years old, after his dad- who was irritated that the boy kept asking for new toys- started telling him about children who did not have toys or even homes.

The next time he was at the mall with his father, Micah remembered the conversation and suggested they buy a Lego set and send it to a kid in Africa. At first, the idea seemed kind, but naive. But Micah wouldn’t let it go. He kept pestering his father to help him send some Lego to Africa. Finally, Micah’s dad started to think, “Why not?”

By age 8, Micah had successfully collected hundreds of pounds of used Lego and sent them to Child Africa’s school in Kabale, Uganda, as well as to Peace Corp volunteers in Botswana.

This little boy can teach many people a lesson. Teach your kids how to be kind with others.

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