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I Dream of a Girl; Shall I Marry Her?



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Dec 15, 2018



There is this girl whom I love so much. We are currently in a relationship, but I keep on dreaming frequently that I am spending time together with her. In real life, I keep on doubting that she loves me because of the way she behaves with me.

Does this dream have any meaning?



I Dream of a Girl; Shall I Marry Her?

In this counseling answer:

“Be aware that having a relationship with a girl outside of marriage is not permissible in Islam. It may be affecting your reflections of your dream.”

As-Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh,

I am not trained in dream interpretation. So, I cannot advise directly on this. You could take this to a learned scholar who can advise on this.

What I can say is that Islamically, we know that dreams can come from 3 things: Shaytaan, Allah or your own random thoughts.

You say you have been spending time with this girl. Maybe this makes you dream of her frequently.  Allah knows best.

Sometimes people desire to find meaning in their dreams, especially after praying the istikhara prayer. However, it is important to know how your daily experiences can also impact on the dreams and your interpretation of them.

Relationship Outside Marriage is Haram

When it comes to relationships, be cautious of your interpretations in case it causes you to do something haram.

In your case, for example, you may look at this dream as it comes from Allah. It encourages you to get married to this girl. However, maybe Shaytaan encourages you to stay in a relationship that is not meant to be. Or it might be just a completely random dream.

Ultimately, interpret your current relationship with her carefully. Feelings towards her might affect your personal interpretations.

Check out this counseling video:

Either way, know that having a relationship with a girl outside of marriage is not permissible in Islam. It may affect your reflections of your dream. It may encourage you to continue with something in a way that Allah dislikes.

If you require further guidance on this matter, make sure to seek guidance from a trusted scholar or Imam.

May Allah guide you on the straight path and protect you from harm.



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