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I Feel Jealous of “Haram Couples”



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Sep 25, 2017


I broke up with my ex 7 months ago. The first few months, I was terribly sad and weak. It took me around 5 months to get over it, I have since then tried my best to gain closeness to Allah and seek His help. However, living in a society where most of the people I know are pampered by their boyfriends every day and posting every sweet thing on social media, I can’t help but feel jealous and sad that I don’t have a boyfriend. I know Allah loves me and that's why He is preventing me from committing to a haram relationship, but how can I stop feeling this jealousy and the need to have a boyfriend? Please, encourage me that staying away from relationships is the best...



I Feel Jealous of Haram Couples

As-Salamu Aleikom,

Thank you for submitting your question.


In this counseling video, you will learn about:

Where does jealousy come from?

The importance of leaving a sin behind

Should you get married at the age of 18?



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