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Shall I Get Married While Having a Chronic Illness?



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Mar 08, 2018


Aslamu alaikum. I wanted to help guide in regards to my situation. I'm 34 never been married. I've been diagnosed at the age 23 with an illness that can affect me physically due to me having no immunity. I'm forever getting coughs colds flu or something more serious that requires me staying in hospital. I am working although some days it can be a struggle as I'm constantly feeling tired due to health. Most days I can live a normal life. But then there are days where I am bed bound. I know my medical condition will either stay how it is or become worse. The latter is what scares me the most and puts me from planning for the future. I want to get married but then have days where I think I will be of no use to anyone. I met someone now who is a potential and he knows just the basics of my condition but not how bad it is or how bad it could get. I'm scared if I tell him it will put him off and I might not get another chance as am 34 already. Some days I feel like just giving up and becoming a recluse. What does one do if they have an illness and can't marry? I can't make my mind up as what to do with my life because I don't know what's going to happen with my health. Please advise.



Shall I Get Married While Having a Chronic Illness?

Salam Aleikom,

In this counseling video, you will learn:

Is there any positive consequence of having a chronic illness?

Should you disclose your illness to your suitors in full details?


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