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Miracles Happen to Me: Real or Just Delusion?



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Mar 14, 2017


I believe Allah performs miracles everyday especially for the mentally challenged like kids with Autism and Down-syndrome. But what happens if it happens to you? Won't it cause confusion? Let's say Allah did perform miracles for you. What would you do? I suffer from schizophrenia and the following miracles have happen to me. One night, I decided to turn off the lights of my room. For me, it is sometimes nice to make salaah in a dark room. After salaah, I sat on my salaah mat just relaxing. Then in front of me there was a wonderful light mashallah. The light grew stronger which illuminated my small room. It was miniature version, mashallah. The light came from a fireplace and there was lots of beds, mashallah. In one bed was a person sleeping. I couldn’t figure out who it was because the person was shiny like a star, mashallah. Anyway, this was very good news for me. Whenever I doubt if I will have a nice kabir or if I am going to Jannah firdous, I remember this miracle. Another one happened to me in the mosque after Esha prayer. I had the keys to the Mosque so I decided to wait for everyone to leave so that I could make few extra salah's. I was sitting with my eyes closed when suddenly I started hearing a boy making dhirk. It was fast and action packed mashallah But the cool part was that I was being pulled forwards and backyards without evens moving. It is something I experienced that no one else understands. I think these sought of dhikrs happens often especially when you are close to death. Another happen in the mosque as well. We had just completed making magrieb. I was sitting when this shiny boy again made an appearance. The scene was this miniature little shiny star boy. He looked upset and I could see he was trying to tell me something. Then he sat down like me. Then all of a sudden there were more shiny figures but they were adults. They were surrounding the boy. The scene was very similar to what happens in Mosque when someone gets married. But the amount of shiny believers surrounding the boy was enormous. There are miracles that have happened to all believers. The only difference is that Allah keeps it a secret and then tells you on the Day of Resurrection. It usually happens when believers are children. So what should I do? It worries me because it's direct; it is not a vision or anything. I saw it happen. I haven’t told anyone about it because no one will believe me. Maybe this is Allah's wisdom. Maybe it was just for me. Should I keep it a secret although it is good news not only for me but all believers?



Miracles Happen to Me: Real or Just Delusion?


As-Salamu ’Alaikum brother,

Thank you, brother, for writing in. Your experiences which you describe are most amazing. As I am not an Islamic scholar, I cannot definitely advise you on whether you should discuss these with other people or not. I kindly suggest that you pray to Allah (swt) for guidance concerning these „miracles” and speak to your imam at the mosque as to what this could possible mean for you personally, and if relevant, how would others benefit from these experiences if they knew. If your experiences were negative, I do know that any negative or bad should not be disclosed. However, as you have perceived these experiences as positive, your imam would be most helpful in guiding you towards further understanding and enlightenment.

As some Muslims have seen or had wonderful, “miraculous” dreams or visions, you may want to ensure that this is really what it is. Although there may be no ways to be certain, it is best to in sha’ Allah address any confounding factors.

As you mentioned you were schizophrenic, brother, do you think these “miracles” are a byproduct of your mental health illness? Have you ever experienced this before? While I am not sure what type of schizophrenia you have. or if you are on medication, I would kindly suggest that you share these experiences with your doctor/counselor as well. I suggest this because if you truly want to fully benefit or have others benefit from any Islamic blessings you have (or have not) received, you need to rule out your schizophrenia as a contributing factor.

I do encourage you to speak with both your imam as well as your doctor about these experiences. Allah (swt) knows best, and only Allah (swt) knows what is truly going on.  However, as you have had these wonderful experiences, in sha’Allah, they will prove to be beneficial to you Islamically, increasing your knowledge and insight. If you have further questions or concerns, dear brother, please contact our “Ask the Scholar” section.

We wish you the best you are in our prayers.


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