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Center of Whose Universe?



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Feb 16, 2018


Why are people self-centered and how does one over-come "self-centered"?




As-salamu `Alaikum dear daughter,

When people lack faith they’re bound to behave that way because the love of dunya (worldly life) is strong. We become focused on the materialistic values which become stronger than the Islamic values, which is a form of shirk (idol-worshipping).

To overcome these obstacles, one has to get closer to Allah and learn the path through the Qura’n and Sunnah. Allah (SWT) teaches us the best amongst you are those with the best taqwa and prophet Muhammad (PBUH)said  a person will not enter Jannah if they have any arrogance in their hearts, when we understand our deen and practice it as a way of life it leads us to a healthy lifestyle if we practice our deen to the ultimate level ihsan  that would be the cure for all of the maladies of the heart.

May Allah protect our hearts from all ills and guide us to the straight path.


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