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Ex-Wife Against Teaching Islam


C (36-male-Germany)

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Jan 07, 2018


I am a divorced father who has remarried. I am a Muslim and my wife is too. What do I do when my wife and I try to teach my daughter about Islam and my ex-wife tells my daughter not to listen to me?



As-salamu `Alaikum dear brother,

It is often the case that relationships with ex-partners are strained and stressful. You are trying to teach your daughter about Islam but her mother tells her not to listen to you. This is a frustrating situation. So, what can you do? You have many choices; however, they are not all good choices.

If Islam is the truth, shouldn’t it withhold the test of time? Islam is a powerful religion, and it needs no defending. If your ex-wife tells your daughter not to listen to you, this is indicative of how threatened or concerned she feels with her daughter learning about Islam. I believe that the optimal way to teach Islam has nothing to do with your daughter listening to your or not.

Islam is best taught through actions:

*Be gentle and kind.

*Be honest.

*Be humble and merciful.

*Be calm and patient.

*Be fair and just.

*Be loving and compassionate.

*Be respectful and accepting.

*Be forgiving.

*Prize your daughter.

*Trust in Allah Most High.

If you could demonstrate even half of these actions to your daughter, then you have offered her the best lesson in Islam. Be the bigger person and do not play games. Instead, focus on loving and caring for your daughter. Be the Islam that you want her to learn and do not worry about whether or not she is told to listen.

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