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I Broke My Parents’ Trust


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Apr 16, 2017


I broke my parents’ trust. Now they won’t let me go online, just because someone on my friends’ list was not who he had said to be. I don’t think I did anything wrong, but I’m being punished for it. What can I do to earn back my parents’ trust?




As-salamu ‘Alaykum my son,

You seem to have very busy parents, and it may be that you spend a lot of time on your own. The Internet must have been your cyber buddy that prevented you from getting bored. Despite the circumstances, it is good that your parents are keeping an eye on how you use the Internet because it is for your own protection. As much as it may seem like punishment, behind it all, your parents might be worried for your safety.

Not everyone who makes contact with on the Internet is who they say they are, and some of these people may not have good intentions. They can get you caught up in some very bad habits that can either put your safety at risk, or lead you down a path where you will be the one who suffers. Please bear these possibilities in mind when you think of how your parents have reacted.

As for regaining their trust, once again, maybe it is not a case that they do not trust you, but more likely, they are suspicious of some of the people you might come into contact with.

When they are at home, and they are not too busy, and you can grab some time with them, try to explain to them what you were doing, and describe the people you are in touch with over the Net. Always try to be honest about your own feelings with yourself, so that you can be honest with them. In this way, they can get to know what is happening for you, how you feel, and how you think.

Maybe in this way, they will be able to realize what kind of compromise can be reached in order to ensure your safety over the Net. If you are familiar with the types of software you can get to ensure that you are protected from bad websites, and unwelcome cyber guests, mention them to your parents, so that they can see that you can be trusted with their support. Also, encourage your parents to get more involved with your life, by seeking their advice on many things.

Try to find out what outdoor activities, social clubs, sports club that you can join. The International Scouts Association is a good organization to belong to, and they organize many trips, and camps within the country in which you live, and abroad. In this way, you will develop other skills, including social skills, other than how to surf the Net.

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