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How to Deal with My Hyperactive 6-Year-Old Son?



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Oct 19, 2017


Salamu alaikum. I have a 6 years old son who is in first grade this year. He is very clever MashaAllah but he is hyperactive and wants to play all the time. I find it very difficult and time-consuming to get him concentrate and do his homework and I end up yelling at him, unfortunately. I hate yelling at him especially when it comes to learning and education but his lack of concentration drives me crazy. Do you have any suggestions with regard to how can handle this situation?



How to Deal with My Hyperactive 6-Year-Old Son?

As-Salaam ‘Alaikum,

This sounds like your son’s hyperactivity is a big struggle for you as a parent. May Allah (swt) grant ease for you. Ameen.

Let’s see what we can do to change this experience for each of you! In sha‘ Allah. I bet this interaction with your child feels horrible and exhausting.

First, I recommend developing an after-school plan with your child. This allows you and your child to collectively plan the routine for the day. Your child knows what you expect daily and they have input. Work together to make a clear schedule.

Also, while you may feel like a Drill Sergeant, stay very close or sit beside your child while doing homework. I tell parents whatever grade your son is in, so are you! He needs to know you hold him accountable. It may require you to be fully engaged with him. As your child shows progress with increased attention span, you can leave him for 15-minutes intervals and then, check in again.

Next, offer your child items to manipulate or fidget with while doing homework. This extra energy has to go somewhere. Use stress balls. Offer play dough. If a little boy spends 2 minutes making an airplane from play dough, but you also get 10-15 minutes of focus from him in exchange, it’s worth it!

Lastly, background noise can also soothe the inattentiveness of some children. Play appropriate children’s songs or white noise. You can find apps that play noises such as a hairdryer, washing machine or a heartbeat! Kids love these noises! Find 1 or 3 your child may have delighted in!

In sha‘ Allah, I’m praying for your good. Parenting has so much joy and this issue appears to be a test for you. Try some of these tips.



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