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Are Women’s Rewards Inferior to Men’s? (P. 2)



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Nov 04, 2016


The people of Afghanistan are very ignorant and deist because of their ignorance, and most of them are hypocrites because they mix culture and Islam and label the whole thing Islam which confuses everyone including me. The rumors said that Allah favors men and I know that men are leaders in this world but once Qiyamah comes; their days of leadership are over because there are no more rules and the rumor said that men will drink wine and listen to music in Jannah and play with animals and the women will not drink wine or listen to music because Allah favors the men because Allah is a “he” and not a “she”. Allah will cheat the women by discriminating and brainwashing them by removing their jealousy from their hearts so they wont desire music and wine, and not be able to object or rebel because they are being brainwashed. The Afghan priest said that the Allah will show his handsome face to the women and that will be their only reward and the men will get so see Allah's face and do wine and music and women only gets one of the things men will get. I thought: “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”But does that hadith also mean that a non-mahram man should wish a non-mahram woman what he wants for himself such as music and wine. Is this a lie? Are the ones telling this rumor sinning by mixing falsehood about Islam? Sadly, My faith is doubtful and I am starting to distrust Allah, thinking he will cheat me by giving me cheap stuff while he gives the best quality and quantity of everything to the men. I thought in heaven, men and women are the SAME. In this world, the men and women are equally balanced because this world has rules and haram stuff. But since there are no more rules, Allah can make a woman stronger than a man or can fly so they are the SAME. The whispers of devil isn't working and I am scared that Allah will trick me by favoring men and brainwashing me to not wish for music. I want to remain independent on the mind. Also, is being selfish and greedy a sin? Because technically the whole reason the Afghan scholars made this up was because they don't want to share and are too sexist and greedy to the women..?



Are Women's Rewards Inferior to Men's?

Salam Dear Sister, 

Thank you for submitting your question to our website and for contacting Ask About Islam.

This is a continuation of Part 1.

Is Allah a “He”?

Now for the claim that supposedly, Allah is Himself a “he” because that is how He refers to Himself in the Quran. This is actually purely an issue of linguistics.

Please refer to this answer regarding masculinity or femininity in relation to His Divine Entity.

Are men and women equal in rewards in Jannah?

Sister, I would like to suggest that you employ extreme caution in saying things about Allah, Our All-Just and All-Wise Lord, even when your intention is good, whilst asking questions about Him based on the doubts that you are having from the Shaytan.

Allah is Just. No one can be more just than Him. He will never, ever withhold the rightful recompense of any good-doer, be it a man or a woman.

To think, believe, or to even say that He will ‘cheat’, ‘brainwash’, or ‘trick’ one of His female slaves in the Hereafter, and ‘be unjust’ to her in giving rewards in Paradise (Jannah), is in itself a form of disbelief (kufr).

I urge you to be very careful when writing down or conveying any doubts about our All-Just Lord that the Shaytan is placing in your head.

Even repeating things that others have said about Allah, which are insulting and demeaning in their tone, wording, or meaning, is totally disallowed and amounts to major sin. High and pure is Allah, far, far above all the lies and bad things that are said about Him, especially by the non-believers and heretics in this world.

In order to find out whether men and women will have different rewards in Jannah, please go through the following link carefully, with a humble, submissive heart and an open, receptive mind:

Men and Women in Paradise: Any Discrimination?

In the end, I would like to request you to worry about safeguarding your faith from getting affected by what you hear others, especially misogynist men, say about Allah and Islam, especially about the Divine laws and commands pertaining to women.

Please make sincere and intense dua to Allah for guidance, steadfastness upon firm faith, and higher levels of piety (taqwa). Also, please resolve to seek the authentic knowledge of Islam through the Quran and hadith.

As a young, gullible Muslim, you should recite, read and reflect deeply upon the Quran every single day. You will then soon clearly see, insha’Allah, the tremendous and historically exclusive respect, dignity, liberation from oppression, and honor that Allah has afforded to women through Islam. No other culture, religion or man-made social or political system has come even close in this regard!

Knowledge of Islam and sincere faith in Allah combined, become the best dispellers of doubts and insinuations from the Shaytan, which he endeavors to actively spread through misguided and bigoted individuals that exist in every society in this world.

Beware of swerving off the Right Path of Islam by listening to the shenanigans of such devils in disguise.

May Allah grant us all high levels of faith and righteousness. Ameen.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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