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Virgins in Paradise: A Lure for Sex-Obsessed Muslim Men?



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Oct 01, 2017


Salaams, My Brother believes that Islam is a lie. Whenever I try to prove to him that Islam is the religion of Allah, then he tells me that: "According to the Quran Islam is only a religion of men. This is because the Quran attracts men by promising them very beautiful girls and sex in the paradise. However, the Quran does not mention boys for Muslim women as a reward! So, the Quran uses sex as a tool to attract men." What can I tell him in order to prove to him that he is wrong in this subject? Thank you very much, wa-salaam.



virgins heavenly promises

Short answer: Allah would never mislead people with empty promises, but Satan does! Allah promises men these sorts of things in Paradise because he understands the desires of men, which are different than those of women.

Salam Dear Yassin,

Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam.

First of all, I would like to ask Allah to bless and reward you for trying your best to help your brother to understand Islam properly.

May Allah guide him back to Islam and may Allah keep all of us on the straight path.

God, Almighty, Would Never Trick Us. Satan Does!

The most important thing to remember is that the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty (subhanahu wa-ta`ala).

God does not use tricks to guide humanity! Fooling people with a trick is not guidance; tricks are the tool of the devil and those who follow him.

I find it very interesting that your brother attributes to the Quran that which is used very frequently by the devil and his followers to distract people and lead them away from Allah: sex!

Allah has promised a great reward for those of us who believe in Him and do good in this life.

On the other hand, the promises of Satan are only lies.

The devil’s main goal is to trick us using the seductions of sex, pride, fame, fortune and other earthly desires.

This is to lead us to the Hellfire, which Allah has promised him and those who he is able to fool.

It seems that everywhere we look, our eyes and hearts are under attack by images of a sexual nature.

Magazines, movies, television, newspapers and many other media channels use sex to attract our attention to their products or services.

They use psychology to fool men into thinking that if they buy a particular product they will be surrounded by beautiful women like the one in the advertisement!

Allah is All-Knowing Regarding What Men (and women) Want

Although men and women are equally responsible to obey Allah in the ways that He has commanded, they are not the same in nature.

Men and women think differently, experience pleasure differently, and have different ways of dealing with other people.

Allah has commanded us to protect the rights and honor of our mothers, wives and daughters.

Why would He dishonor women by promising them something in Paradise that they would find disgusting? Most women do not desire many husbands at the same time.

A woman typically prefers to be devoted to only one man.

If one was to ask women what they desired, it would be hard to find one who would be comfortable with more than one husband.

Men, on the other hand, often do desire to have many wives because they are created differently.

While Allah allows men to have four wives, He advises them that having only one is better.

The Point: Paradise Contains All That We Desire

The point is that in Paradise, we have been promised all that we desire as a reward for believing in Allah and doing what pleases Him.

Allah will also remove any ill feelings between the believers in Paradise and nobody will feel that they have been granted less than what they deserve.

Because men and women desire different things, Allah will not give the inhabitants of Paradise, men or women, something that they do not like.

I hope my point helps you in your efforts to guide your brother back to the straight path of Islam.

Make du`aa’ (prayers and supplications) for your brother, and all of us. I ask Allah to guide him because He is the Only One Who can guide to the truth.

Thank you again for your question and please do keep in touch.


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