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U.S. Divorce Laws Biased Against Fathers. Why Marry?



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Oct 16, 2017


I'm wondering why should Muslim men marry in USA, when the court system favors women in cases of divorce? I know a cousin of mine and he has to pay alimony and child support probably for the rest of his life. His wife gets to enjoy herself while he suffers. It seems some Muslim women agree to marry in a mosque, but when it comes time for divorce, they will happily go to the secular courts. I think it is very unfair that Muslim men have to pay alimony for life and provide his ex-wife with a standard of living that she used to have while married. Divorce shouldn't be so hard and painful, but it is in USA. A man can lose everything due to marriage. It makes me mad when I see scholars and others say couples need to procreate as if there is a dire need for babies or children. Is there not enough people in the world already? Please don't tell me about the hadith that says the Prophet (pbuh) will boast about the umma's numbers. The umma already has so many people.



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