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Sep 18, 2017


Aswalamualikum, My question is about employer's behavior with employee. You know, nowadays people can hardly get a job and employers are taking benefit of it. They are overburdening their employees and if the employee protests then the employers say, "If you do not want to do this task you can leave the job, we will hire someone else." "The Door is open" - is the most said dialogue of so many employers. Even I see some employers who try to show themselves as Islamic-minded but they are also acting like this and I think their mindset is like, "I offer them this job with this amount of salary and my condition was they have to do whatever I tell them to do, so it is not a "Julum (injustice), I do not have to answer Allah(sbt) for that." I do not know whether they are right or wrong with this kind of mindset but I can say this: the employees are so helpless because of the scarcity of jobs. This is why they have to withstand this overburdening. My question is: though the employers hire employees with poor conditions, including low salary and being expected to do whatever work they say to do, will this employer be asked in front of Allah (sbt) for this behavior? Will this behavior be considered as injustice in front of Allah (sbt)?



unfair bosses

Walaykum Asalam waRahmat Allah dear Reader,

Thank you so much for sending this important question, and for sharing your concerns with us.

We ask Allah to alleviate your burden and facilitate your affairs for you and guide you to what’s best for you in this life and the next. Ameen.

 Injustice as Darkness on The Day of Judgment

Regarding your question, Allah will absolutely hold everyone who has ever done an act of injustice accountable before Him on the Day of Judgment.

Prophet Muhammad said,

Beware of injustice, for injustice will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection; and beware of stinginess because it doomed those who were before you. It incited them to shed blood and treat the unlawful as lawful.” [Muslim]

In the ultimate fear and panic that will be there on the Day of Judgment, those who commit injustice will be in excessive darkness.

They won’t know what to do or where to go, a situation of immense fear.

The Prophet warned us against oppression and injustice accordingly.

As the Ultimate King, Allah Almighty says:

“And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].” (Qur’an 14:42)

How Should Bosses Behave?

We should look at the example that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) set for employers.

Anas b. Malik reported:

I served the Messenger of Allah for ten years, and, by Allah, he never said to me any harsh word, and he never said to me about a thing as to why I had done that and as to why I had not done that. [Sahih Muslim]

So for those who unjustly treat those who work for them, they should fear a great retribution from Allah in this life and the next.

Prophet Muhammad said,

Any governor in charge of Muslim subjects who dies while acting dishonestly towards them will be excluded by Allah from Paradise. [Agreed upon]

Are You Sure It’s Not You?

First of all, make sure that there are no shortcomings on your end. Make sure that you are actually doing your job well, and that the injustice is coming from their end, not your end.

Just like Allah is asking employers to be fair, He is also asking employees to be fair.

Allah requests us all to do a good job and to fear Him in regards to fulfilling our trusts. If we do, then He will make everything turn to our advantage sooner or later.

As He says:

…Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. (Qur’an 12:90)

Use Your Most Powerful Weapon: Du’aa’

Now, you can also use the powerful tool that Allah is placing in your hand specifically: your accepted du’aa’!

The Messenger of Allah said,

Three supplications are answered without a doubt. The supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveler, and the supplication of the parent for his son. [At- Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud]

The Prophet also sent Mu`adh to Yemen and said,

Be afraid of the curse (du’aa’) of the oppressed, as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah. [Sahih Al Bukhari]

So, your own du’aa’ is a powerful tool; use it, but use it justly!

You can make du’aa’ for Allah to re-establish your rights, to alleviate this burden, and to stop the employers’ mistreatment and oppression.

But when making dua against them, careful not to inflict on them more harm than they have caused you so you won’t turn into an oppressor yourself.

Fear The Prayer of the Oppressed!

On this note, I remember a story that my teacher said in one of the halaqahs (devotional groups) which I attend.

She narrated the story of a maid she knows who used to work for some people, but they treated her very unjustly.

The maid actually made du’aa’ to Allah that a fire would touch them, a fire like the fire their oppression and injustice stirred in her heart.

After a short while, the house of those people who harmed the maid was entirely burned down with all their belongings in it.

So, truly one must fear the prayer of the oppressed, and any employer who has employees must be very careful how he/she treats them.

Allah is watching and He will respond to their abuse of power in this life or the next or both.

This Life is a Test

We hereby also remind you that this life is a test and that Allah tests all of us.

So in your test, try to do your part and use the means at your disposal.

Report the abuse to the workers’ syndicate –if there is any.

Then, continue to seek the help of Allah and use this time as a chance to get closer to Him and increase your reliance upon Him.

Increase your worship and remembrance of Allah because this is the most powerful tool.

When the Messenger of Allah feared mischief from a people, he would supplicate:

Allahumma inna naj’aluka fi nuhurihim, wa na’udhu bika min shururihim (O Allah! We ask You to face them, and seek Your Protection against their evil.) [Abu Dawud and An- Nasa’i].

So use these supplications.

Allah Is the Ultimate Provider

Last but not least, remember that the Ultimate Razaq (Sustainer/Provider) is Allah Almighty.

Providence is in His Hands, so seek Him with certainty and good expectations and hope that He can and He will suffice you and your family.

Then, He will surely open new doors for you and facilitate your affairs for you. Don’t give up on asking Allah to give you what is best from where you never expected.

The Kingdom of Allah is vast and He will never get tired of providing for His slaves, so ask Him and expect the best.

Hope this helps you a little bit.

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