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Did Jesus Have a Wife?



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May 14, 2017


Did Jesus have a wife?




Jesus Wife

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Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below:


Aisha Khaja: So, Dr. Shabir, the question for today that is did Prophet Isa [Jesus] have a wife?

Dr. Shabir Ally: In our tradition, no such thing is mentioned. And it is often presumed that he did not have a wife. And when he returns, at that time, he will get married and have children as well.

In the Christian tradition, nothing of this is mentioned as well. Some people have speculated that perhaps he got married to Mary Magdalene and then moved to Europe, or something like this, and fathered children whose descendants may still be alive today.

The kind of thing that feeds into the Davinci Code type of speculation. But none of this seems to be historical. Anthony LaDonna in his book, Wife of Jesus, has looked at this from a historical point of view.

And he concludes that it is possible actually that Jesus may have been married as would have been typical for Jewish young men at the time. But there was no record that he has been married. 

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