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Jan 01, 2017


Asalamualaiku warahmatullahi wabarakathuhu. I have problems with my concentration during studies. I study really well, but presently doing my 12th grade I am not able to put in much effort as I did during my younger classes where I was totally dedicated to studies. My will to study has also decreased, I guess. But not the interest. I plan my days, but once I sit to study, I get totally distracted and end up not studying. I manage to score average marks. Presently my spending time in my vacation for studies has reduced a lot and it is about to be over in 3 weeks time. My school begins back with an examination. I am afraid that I might disappoint my dedicated parents. I doubt that this situation of mine maybe due to someone’s NAZAR (evil eye) on me. I would like to know how to stay away from distractions such a computer and television. What to do?



Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Sara,

Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with your question.

Seeking knowledge is highly praised in Islam, as you know. And studying followed by exams is the normal way to increase in knowledge and to move to higher levels of certification.

Distractions in today’s world are many, and you mentioned a couple of them in your question. But moderation and good time management are the right answers in order to keep the right balance, and to be able to focus on your studies and exams.

First choose the early parts of the day to study. Accustom yourself to going to bed early and try to sleep well. If you are not an early sleeper, change your routine. It only takes a few days for your body to adjust.

Have a good breakfast full of protein like eggs and milk, since this gives you energy and stimulates your brain. However, do not overeat, especially at dinner time, and do not snack while studying. Dedicate a snack time during your breaks.

Do not drink any stimulants at night like coffee or tea or do any stimulating activity; rather drink herbal tea for relaxation or drink milk since this will help you sleep better. Dedicate some time to exercise during your daily breaks.

Take hourly breaks, but no more than ten minutes every hour. After your lunch break, try to take a half-hour to one hour nap to regain your energy. Do not oversleep during your nap; you will not be able to sleep well at night.

Set a goal of how much you want to accomplish each day; make this a reachable and not an overwhelming goal, and stay away from distractions by all means. I know it is not easy but, for example, dedicate no more than fifteen minutes a day to check your emails, social media, YouTube, etc. 

Time yourself and try not to go over the time limit. Do this later in the day when you have already exhausted your energy. Try not to check any social media early in the day, you will get caught up in it thinking you have plenty of time.

If you find yourself not able to concentrate on a certain subject, put it aside and study a different subject first, once your brain is warmed up, then move on to the more difficult subject after a short break.

As for TV, sit in a place where you cannot hear it and it will be much better if it is completely turned off. If this is not an option, then request that it is turned down. 

You need to absolutely stay away from TV. If the TV is in your room, put it somewhere else where it is not easily accessible. TV is the worst waste of time.

Dedicate only one day a week for entertainment, no more than one hour for TV, and after a break, another hour for recreational computer use. Otherwise spend no more than an hour for both TV and computer during study days. 

Try reducing that time if you are behind on your studies.

Remember that the key to acquiring knowledge is to obey Allah Almighty. When shaitan makes us forget His remembrance, we lose that privilege.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Walaikum Asalam and please keep in touch.

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