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Apr 09, 2018


AOA, I have been praying to Allah for years constantly and so many of my duas have gone unanswered. I do realize and know well enough that Allah listens to every individual and has a plan for all of us. Is it bad that I feel frustrated and don't see a point in making worldly duas anymore? I try to seat myself upon a prayer mat but end up deciding to not ask what I really want. I just don't feel the connection and attachment that I once used to. Also, if we are sent to this world temporarily then what is the point of asking God about the worldly success. Like, making it to a good university is not going to matter when I die, so I shouldn't be praying for it, right? The truth is, I am too afraid to ask Allah for anything. I find myself complaining to him every time he leaves my duas unanswered. Is there anything wrong that I am doing? Nothing really seems to make sense anymore.



Don't Feel The Same About Islam

Asalaamu alaykum, and thank you for sending in your question to our website.

It is a positive sign of goodness and sincerity when a Muslim is concerned about their closeness to, and connection with, their Creator.

Indeed, throughout our lives, we should remain vigilant of guarding our relationship with Allah, and prevent our faith from waning.

Asking Him for provision, aid, relief, and blessings via earnest and regular supplications (dua’s), should be an integral part of any Muslim’s life.

All Muslims experience rises and falls in their levels of faith during the trials of the life of this world, which is why Allah has ordained patience, repentance, striving against the self, and exhorting each other towards guidance, in the Quran.

It seems to me, and Allah knows best, that perhaps you are suffering from a temporary weakness of faith, because of which you have stopped feeling the inclination to ask Allah for worldly blessings in your supplications (dua’s).

In lieu of this, I have the following points of advice for you, listed below:

Get to Know Allah: Knowledge of Quran Adds Essence to Dua

If you were sitting somewhere with a total stranger, you would find it hard to talk to them, right?

You would struggle with what topic to open the conversation with, and how to continue.

The reason for this awkward “distance” from them would be your lack of knowledge about their traits, likes, dislikes, & personality.

In contrast, talking to a close friend whom you know very well, is so engaging that you lose track of time. It is also something you eagerly look forward to again.

The same rule applies to your relationship with Allah.

If you lack knowledge about Him: His traits, attributes, benevolences upon you, His likes, dislikes, and Supreme abilities; how can you look forward to engaging with Him engagingly through dhikr and dua?

How would you know when He is pleased with you, and when He is not?

How would you look forward to asking Him for your wants and needs?

And how would you reconcile your feelings, whims and desires to the fact that you did not receive from Him, what you asked for?

The answer, therefore, lies in your getting to know Him better, in order to become closer to Him. And this can be done through daily study of and reflection upon His spoken word, the guidance that He has sent to mankind: the Quran.

The Greatest Benefit of Worldly Blessings

The next aspect of your question is very important: why ask Allah for worldly success and blessings at all, if the life of this world is temporary, and they will eventually come to an end?

And, what to do if one wants to complain to Allah about dua’s not being answered?

Blessings of this world are no doubt temporary. However, they are very important for the believer, because they help him or her do good deeds that will lead to eternal success in the Hereafter.

Wealth for example enables a believer to give more charity, start endeavors that create jobs for others, as well as travel around the world inviting others to Islam.

Knowledge of worldly subjects places the believer in a better position to influence others positively about Islam.

Similarly, good health, physical strength, a pious spouse, youth, time, reading & writing skills — yes, all of these are fleeting worldly blessings yet, — they provide a Muslim the foundation and ability to obey the commands of Allah, propagate Islam, and earn great rewards by doing different kinds of acts of worship and good deeds.

These will, in turn, enable them to succeed in the Hereafter, by the will and mercy of Allah.

Therefore, never undermine the importance of worldly blessings, no matter how fleeting they are.

Just rectify your intention in asking Allah for them: do not let the acquisition of these worldly blessings become the purpose of your life, per se.

Rather, intend to acquire them in order to use them to please Allah in better and more varied ways.

Unanswered Dua’s: Blessings in Disguise

Lastly, since you are still young, it could be that your desire to complain to Allah because He has not yet answered your dua’s, is due in part to your lack of experience in life, and in part due to the dearth of your knowledge about Allah and how His laws work in this world.

Allah’s knowledge, vision, and wisdom is infinite. Ours is very limited.

Many a time, with the passage of time, most older and wiser people admit that there was great good in Allah not granting them what they wished for when they were younger.

They realize that Allah’s plan for them was for their own betterment and benefit, compared to their own short-sighted goals.

They also admit that the apparent delays in getting what they prayed for during youth, were better for them in the long run.

Perhaps, one day, the truth about the hidden good in your dua’s not being granted, will dawn upon you too.

You should also endeavor to repent for any sins that could be preventing your dua’s from being answered.

I ask Allah to grant you high ranks of faith and conviction of belief in Islam, which will restore your motivation to turn to Allah in earnest supplications again, to ask for all kinds of blessings.

And Allah knows best. I hope that this answers your questions.

Salam. Please stay in touch.

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