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How to Deal with Doubts About The Acceptance of Deeds?



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Mar 19, 2017


How can I stop doubting that my deeds are accepted?



Asalamu Alaikum,

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Shaykh Yahya Rhodus from SeekersHub addresses this question in the video below:


First of all, if that’s the type of thing that we’re getting doubts about and that’s actually a very good sign. That these are the types of things that we should be doubting.

There’s a whole bunch of things that people oftentimes people do doubt that they shouldn’t be doubting. And then there’s things that they’re certain about that they actually should be doubting.

And the acceptance of our deeds is something that we’re always going to remain in doubt about.

And there is no guarantee. There’s no way of knowing definitively on our end whether or not a deed has been accepted or not.

And this is why that one of the etiquettes of performing good deeds is that after we perform them, or that particular act, is that someone remains between hope and between fear and hope. Fear is that they put in that effort and it’s going to be rejected and not accepted. And hope that Allah (SWT) is going to accept.

The only signs that I’ve heard that the scholars mention of potential acceptance is if someone is extremely present in their prayer.

And they tend to be aware that their present in that prayer. Presence in whatever deed it is that one is doing is that you know presence is one of the signs that it could potentially be accepted. Although, again, it’s not going to be definitive.

And whatever deed one is being done if they find themselves that in a state of where their heart is expanded and they are concentrating fully and aware of what it is that they’re doing with presence of mind, presence of heart, that’s a very good sign.

And hopefully it means it’s going to be accepted. And the only thing that I’ve heard mentioned is as the fact that Allah (ta ala) gave them tawfeeq to ask after they perform the act that it be accepted.

And so, that if Allah (SWT), you find after you perform deeds, is giving tawfeeq to say [quoting dua in Arabic] that blessed dua which was the dua of Ibrahim (AS) and Ismael, as they were placing the foundations of the house, teaching us and that all people, the importance of asking Allah (SWT) for acceptance.

Other than that is that we really have to just remain in a state of fear and help—is that fear that our deeds are rejected: hope that they are that accepted.

I hope this helps answer your question. You can also check out more from SeekersHub at the link here.

Walaikum Asalam. Please keep in touch.

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