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How Can An Older Convert Find the Right Mate?



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Feb 10, 2018


As-Salamu alaykum, dear scholars. Thank you for your great efforts in answering the many varying questions put to you. It is a very satisfactory way of learning. My question concerns marriage. I recently reverted to Islam and have found much solace and peace of mind. As a Muslimah, I understand the reasons why I should not marry a non-Muslim. However, I live in a country (Belgium) where Muslims of my age group (40+) are of a very different culture and tradition with very different expectations of marriage. There is very little integration within this age group. I am past the childbearing age, so the reason for marrying within the faith is largely non-existent. It seems rather unjust (forgive my Western mind) that I should have to live out the rest of my life without a partner. This cannot be what Allah intended. The reference I find in the Quran regarding marriage pertains strongly only to young people and those living in a Muslim country. There are many other women in the same situation, so what do you suggest for people my age? Thank you for your kind reply.



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