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Inspiring Teenager: Story of Ferdous

After hearing the news of his death, I called my Arabic teacher and told him, “Ustadh, do you remember Ferdous, the brother who I lived with for a few days in the other apartment?”He could not recall at first but then replied, “Oh you mean that brother who was constantly reciting the Quran?” Two years …


Imam Abu Hanifah & Scholars' Differences (Part 4/4)

Imam Abu Hanifah & Scholars’ Differences

The next time we open up a book of fiqh and browse through the contents, let us remember that it is Abu Hanifah who innovated the sub-headings of fiqh. As-Suyuti said that Abu Hanifah was the first in Islam to organize the writing of fiqh under sub-headings embracing the whole of the Law, beginning with purity followed by prayer, etc.- As Ash-Shafi`i remarked, “People are all the dependents of Abu Hanifah in fiqh.”


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