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Zainab bint Younus is a young woman who finds constant inspiration in the lives of the Sahabiyaat and other great women in Islamic history. She hopes that every Muslimah is able to identify with the struggles of these inspirational women and follow in their footsteps to become a part of a new generation of powerful Muslim women. She blogs at

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10 Things I Learned from My Ex

Whether it’s sprung on you suddenly, or it’s been creeping up on you for a while; whether it’s something you needed for yourself or something you never wanted… divorce is a difficult experience to go through. It is a painful process with a deep emotional toll, and for many, it can (understandably) be the source …


Sexual harassment

Should We Talk about Sexual Harassment Among Muslims?

Muslim and nonMuslim; niqabi, hijabi, or none; from the Maldives to the American Mid-West, Pakistan to Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia to Saskatchewan, India to Italy… women (and men) around the world are speaking up about their experiences being sexually harassed, molested, and abused. Originally founded by Tarana Burke, the trending hashtag and the movement behind it …


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