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Zainab bint Younus

Zainab bint Younus is a young woman who finds constant inspiration in the lives of the Sahabiyaat and other great women in Islamic history. She hopes that every Muslimah is able to identify with the struggles of these inspirational women and follow in their footsteps to become a part of a new generation of powerful Muslim women. She blogs at

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11 Things I Learned From My Now-Husband

Editor’s Note: In a previous article, sister Zainab shared her experience of divorce and what she learned from her Ex-husband. Now, she has a more positive experience with her new marriage, which she shares with us through this article. When I got my divorce at age 23, I was a thoroughly embittered, cynical woman …



Busting Myths About Female Sexuality

When one sees Muslim leaders (even if they’re usually of the male variety) attempt to take on serious and relevant issues to the Muslim Ummah such as sexually dysfunctional marital relationships, one truly hopes for the best. Alas, well-meaning though they may be, there becomes glaringly obvious a lack of knowledge and understanding regarding female …


Muslim Men

Are Muslim Men Jealous or Selfish?

One of the most incorrectly translated and misunderstood concepts related to social issues is that of gheerah. Commonly translated as ‘jealousy’, the term ‘gheerah’ has unfortunately been used to justify extremely controlling and even abusive behavior from men towards their wives or other women over whom they wield authority. A better translation of gheerah is ‘honorable protectiveness’ rather than jealousy. A …



The Purity of an Adulteress

Hidden pasts. Dark secrets. Tragic love. Broken hearts. These words don’t just belong to soap operas or romantic novels, to movies or non-Muslim societies. They are human themes that have spanned time, affecting saints and sinners and everyone in between. Muslim women are no exception. In many peoples’ minds, the ideal Muslimah is a pure, …


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