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Zainab bint Younus is a young woman who finds constant inspiration in the lives of the Sahabiyaat and other great women in Islamic history. She hopes that every Muslimah is able to identify with the struggles of these inspirational women and follow in their footsteps to become a part of a new generation of powerful Muslim women. She blogs at

Author Articles

Ramadan reflections

With Every Ramadan, there Is a Mark on My Soul

Giggling, tripping over my friends in excitement, darting from room to room of the house that served as a masjid to our small island community in Victoria, Canada. Welcoming the adults who entered with whooping exclamations of “Ramadan Mubarak!” and lovingly serving them with cool glasses of water between every four rak’aat,eager for the barakah of these blessed …



The Purity of an Adulteress

Hidden pasts. Dark secrets. Tragic love. Broken hearts. These words don’t just belong to soap operas or romantic novels, to movies or non-Muslim societies. They are human themes that have spanned time, affecting saints and sinners and everyone in between. Muslim women are no exception. In many peoples’ minds, the ideal Muslimah is a pure, …



Sometimes Islam Says Yes to Abortion

Editor’s Note: In the first part of this series, the writer explained the meaning of abortion and highlighted the various attitudes towards it in many countries around the world . In this part, she explains the rulings related to abortion according to Islamic law Juristic Permission for Abortion What constitutes ‘legitimate reason’ for an abortion, whether in the …


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