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Umm Muadh is a student at AOU university studying Islamic studies and currently resides in Texas, USA with her husband and four beautiful children!

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Better Muslims for a Better World

Day in and day out you come across all sorts of people that have diverse backgrounds. Whether it be cultural or religious. You are greeted with unfamiliar faces and places many times. Is there any change however, that you have brought to that specific place or person? Or do you just shrug your shoulders and …


Halloween: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat! Or You Got a Third Option?

As October comes to an end, we are surrounded with jack-o-lanterns and ghost filled yards. From Trick or Treat to a parade, it is an event, which attracts young Muslims significantly. Even as simple as walking into the grocery shop becomes difficult, for these celebrations are very prominent and promoted in the west. Being unaware …


Ramadan lantern

It’s Time to Say ‘Ramadan Mubarak’

It is that time of the year. One of the best months given to us by our creator. It is a month in which, Allah, pours his mercy upon his believing servants. A month in which the Quran, which governs all aspects of life, was revealed. It is Ramadan! Most households are preparing to welcome …


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