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Tariq Ramadan: Components of Muslim Identity (Part 2)

Tariq Ramadan: Components of Muslim Identity

In this series: Identity & Culture Faith and Understanding Education and Transmission  Action, Participation and Muslim Identity in Western Context After his introductory discussion about identity and culture and the consequences of the failure to recognize the true components of  Muslim identity, Dr. Taiq Ramadan explores these components, discussing in this article the first two: …


What You Have Versus What God Has

The Transcendent and His Names

There is no “Islamic theology.” It is meaningless, and in actual fact wrong, to compare the often peripheral discussions that took place among Muslim scholars (particularly from the tenth century) with the radical reflections that gave birth to “Christian theology.” Admittedly, some debates were lively, and in the course of history in the Islamic Schools …


Rediscovering Muslim Identity in America

Our values are majority values. So, as citizens we have to come and speak about justice, we will be understood by anyone as we do speak for justice for all, justice for every one; man and woman, black and white. Anything which has to do with justice we are for it, against torture, extraordinary rendition, wrong laws against immigrants …all these are our struggles.


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