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Tabassum is a freelance writer and online Alimiyyah student at Al-Salam Institute, UK.

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Accept that Allah has given you this test, this obstacle in your way to success, and it will clear your vision, so that you can find a way to get around it.

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

Ever burnt a kettle on the stove? Forgot all about your clothes in the washing machine until days later? Promised to meet someone and remembered only the day after the appointment? If you’ve got a leaky memory like me, then you must be somewhat familiar with situations like these.


Empathy - The Mark of a True Believer

Empathy – The Mark of a True Believer

We all want it from others, and yet we are stingy in giving it. We want others to understand us, relate to our opinions and feel our pain. We want others to listen to us and relate with us. We want others to put themselves in our shoes and view the world from our perspective…


Most of us don’t feel the same kind of empathy all the time; we don’t know how to switch on the empathy light in our hearts at will.

5 Practical Tips to Increase Empathy

We all have the desire to express ourselves. But when you want to be empathetic towards someone, suppress your desire for a bit and encourage the other person to talk. Sprinkle the conversation with sympathetic expressions (hmm, “I understand,” “I see,”…


Allah forgives one who forgives other people, gives him great reward, and raises his honor.

Repel an Odious Act by That Which is Better

Naturally, when someone wrongs us, we may feel very angry and vengeful. We ask ourselves, “How could he do this to me?” We might decide never to talk to the person again, or to give him back what we got. These are all natural reactions, and Allah knows that we feel them.


We need to ask ourselves a very crucial question– how much do these images that we have formed of others actually match the real person and how much is just pure imagination on our part?

3 Ways to Stop Judging Others

It’s very easy to talk, but how do we stop this process of image formation? If you and I have realized the fact that our imagined model of the other person’s inside reality is perhaps only 0-5% true, then we have taken a big step towards stopping this bad habit.


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