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Tabassum is a freelance writer and online Alimiyyah student at Al-Salam Institute, UK.

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My Experience of Hajj- The Taste of Talbiyah

My Experience of Hajj: The Taste of Talbiyah

What’s special about the talbiyah is that it’s a unique dua for a unique place and time – we say it only in Makkah and only during Hajj or Umrah. That gives talbiyah a unique flavor for those who’ve done either Hajj or Umrah. It brings back many feelings and invokes memories of our moments of obedience to Allah.


4 Things That Can’t Make You Happy

4 Things Can’t Make You Happy

We look for happiness in many places. The question is, are the places where we’re looking for happiness the right places? Or are we just wasting our time by investing it in a fruitless business? Let us look at some of the most common things where we assume happiness lies.


Glimpses From My Hajj Experience

Glimpses From My Hajj Experience

There at Hajj, I was forced to reflect. I had nothing else to do – no blinking devices, no blaring televisions, no nagging friends to distract me. I simply had nothing else to do. And the scenes around me stimulated reflection. They were drastically different from the usual scenes at home.


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