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Tabassum is a freelance writer and online Alimiyyah student at Al-Salam Institute, UK.

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The Prophet knew that Ashamah ... was a just ruler who would not wrong any of his subjects, so he permitted some of his followers to seek asylum in Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

3 Non-Muslims Praised by Prophet Muhammad

Mut’im was one of those who had previously helped in nullifying the Quraysh’s boycott that led the whole sub-tribe of the Prophet to starve for three years. When he heard that the Prophet was asking for his protection, he immediately sent a positive answer. Then he ordered his sons…


What we do know in this world is that, before one is labeled “Muslim” or “non-Muslim”, one is a human being.

Are All Non-Muslims Enemies of Islam?

So you find that a masjid in Quebec is attacked, killing six Muslims, and the next Friday, a rabbi calls for people at seven places in Toronto to form multi-faith human barriers to protect Muslims praying Jumuah. A sister who went to attend a prayer on the following Monday found one person carrying a sign that said: “We stand UNITED with our Muslim brothers and sisters.”


We all have our weak moments, and Shaytan lies in wait for us 24/7 to catch us in these moments of weakness.

Caught in the Satanic Downward Spiral?

Imagine you’re on top of a mountain. Someone whispers, “Jump!” Of course you won’t listen. But imagine if the whisperer says, “There’s a large bag of gold coins just a few feet below you,” or “The person you love dearly is waiting for you a few feet below,” then you might be tempted to try to go down a little way…


Remind yourself that you’re not in control of your life anyway. Whatever has happened, happened by the will of Allah.

4 Ways to Rise Above Depression

Stop taking blame on yourself for something out of your control, and half your problem is solved Insha’Allah. In order to help you with that, imagine that a friend of yours in the same state as you’re in. They are terribly depressed and sad. How would you treat that person? Would you bully them…


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