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Eye on Sri Lanka: Islam, Muslims & Integration

Islam is a minority religion in the island nation of Sri Lanka which lies south of India in the Indian Ocean. The world’s fastest-growing and second largest religion, Islam, represents no more than 9.66% in Sri Lanka, which means 1,997,361 persons only out of the country’s 21.2 million population are Muslims, according to 2012 census. …


#LoveAMuslimDay Counters Hate Mails

LONDON – A day after the spread of hateful “Punish a Muslim Day” letters, a new hashtag #LoveAMuslimDay is now trending in the UK with an objective of countering hate with love. “Instead of “Punish a Muslim Day”, we will have #LoveAMuslimDay 💚because we believe in spreading love and not hatred,” Dobir Miah wrote on …


About 1000 Attacks Targeted German Muslims in 2017: Report

BERLIN – German authorities registered at least 950 attacks on Muslims and their mosques in 2017, according to reports released by the Interior Ministry, the Neue Osnabrueckner Zeitung reported on Saturday. Warning against the huge increase in hate attacks targeting the religious minority, the ministry said 33 people were injured in the attacks, of which …


Young Muslims in the West, Why the Struggle?

TEXAS – A new research by Yaqeen Institute has examined the struggle many Muslim youth face in the west, trying to balance their faith and western community. This video, created by Yaqeen Institute, is based on “Exploring the Faith and Identity Crisis of American Muslim Youth” research earlier this year by Sheikh Omar Suleiman. “Muslim …


When is Your `Eid?

With `Eid around the corner, millions of Muslims worldwide are preparing to bid farewell to the holy fasting month of Ramadan, getting ready to welcome another spiritual event: `Eid Al-Fitr.


Ramadan Starts Saturday

Filipino Muslims will celebrate the beginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan on Saturday, May 27, following announcement that the new moon was not sighted on Thursday, 29th of Shaaban.


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