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Dr. Spahic Omer, a Bosnian currently residing in Malaysia, is an Associate Professor at the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia.He studied in Bosnia, Egypt and Malaysia. He obtained his PhD in 2000 from the University of Malaya in the field of Islamic history and civilization.His research interests cover Islamic history, culture and civilization, as well as the history and theory of Islamic built environment. In 2003, his book "Studies in Islamic Built Environment" won IIUM's Isma'il al-Faruqi Best Publication Award, and in 2015, his book "Architecture and Society" won Malaysian National Book Award (Anugerah Buku Negara).He can be reached at spahico@yahoo.com; his website is medinanet.org.

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Love is more than a simple liking for a person, a thing, or an experience. It is more meaningful and potent than that. Love is a mighty force of existence.

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The seeds of love are planted in every human being the moment they are born. As they grow, humans ought to take care of and nurture the seeds of love, allowing them to grow as well. And as humans mature physically, intellectually and spiritually, their love should correspondingly mature…


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