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Sohaib Saeed is a Scottish Muslim scholar specializing in Quranic studies and exegesis. He is founder and director of Quranica, an institute for research, education and outreach (

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Why Do we Celebrate Eid?

Why Do We Celebrate Eid?

Ramadan coming to an end is not the end of the matter, rather it’s a new beginning. The day of Eid represents a new month, a new chance to progress on the path that we are on. I’d like to share reflections to a chapter that we recite so often…


4 Toxins to Battle in This Ramadan (Exclusive Video)

We’re living in this world and we’re allowing to enjoy the good things of this world but we should hold the world in our hand and not in our heart. Everyday, a lots of materialistic things are being shoved in our throats. This is a chance for us to return to what’s important which is cultivating and purifying the spirit.


Who Gave the Name of Muslims? (Podcast)

The name has been given as followers of this religion of submission is a divine gift that God Almighty who named us as Muslims. And this name goes back before our own time and far before the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was sometimes described in the Quran as ‘the first of the Muslims’.


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