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Keeping Calm is a Skill

Those who possess a measure of calm did not attain that skill overnight. They learned it after many attempts and just as many failures. They certainly suffered from indecision and disappointment on many occasions. However, they never gave up trying to better themselves…


5 Obstructions to Clear Thinking

There are a number of obstructions that inhibit our ability to think. They keep us from correcting our misunderstandings and constitute the most important obstacles to our proper understanding of the Quran and the teachings of Islam. They keep us from properly appreciating…


Why Do We Say Subhan Allah?

When we say subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah), we are glorifying Allah above any imperfection or deficiency. It is a declaration of His transcendence. One of Allah’s names is al-Subbuh. This can be translated as “the Most Glorified”. Allah is the One who possesses all glory…


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