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We are happiest when we are not pining after unrealistic and overly idealistic dreams but look at our lives naturally, without shame, and without exaggerating things.

The Many Facets of Happiness

We are happiest when we are the least inhibited in acknowledging and expressing how we feel. This is the case whether we are in the company of those we know or those we do not know. Expressing our feelings should not carry with it a sense of dread as if we are disclosing the most sensitive of state secrets.


It is God's right over His servants that they fear Him as He ought to be feared.

What Does it Mean to Fear God?

The fact that the fear of God is to seek to prevent God’s punishment by carrying out God’s commands and abstaining from His prohibitions. Consequently, a Muslim needs to have knowledge of these matters in order to fear God properly. An ignorant Muslim may have a sense of fear…


If you come to the point when you cannot imagine a world any different than the one that surrounds you, then your life will become tiresome indeed.


Every change in life requires imagining it first. Imagination is the secret means that transports us to our goals. It enables the mind to absorb the stresses of life and conceive of a better future, empowering us to surmount our obstacles and solve our problems.


Allah's bounty refers to His providence – to everything that He gives us that we obtain in a wholesome and lawful way.

Rejoice the Bounty of Allah

Even if what we are given is little, we should not exhaust ourselves spiritually and emotionally in the pursuit of wealth and in the incessant competition with those who may have more than us. A little wealth that suffices our needs is far better that an abundance of wealth accompanied by avarice and discontent.


Those who are truly dead are not those who have passed over into the next life. Rather, they are people who are alive in this world, but they do not know life’s value

When Death Draws Near

When we receive a sign that our life is nearing the end, it is a decisive and enabling moment. It empowers us to engage in righteousness deeds that we had putting off all our lives. It emboldens us to go to people we have wronged and ask their forgiveness…


Travel writing is a special art, especially when it conveys inspired feelings, noble sentiments, and a renewed awareness of things.

Travel Lets you See yourself Differently

When you stand at the foot of a great mountain, you get a sense of how small you are in the grand scale of things. When you stand next to an immense old Roman column in Lebanon or Morocco, or by the pyramids in Egypt, you get a sense of the immensity of history and the passage of time.


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