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Rasha Dewedar is a freelance journalist based in Cairo, she has special interest in the Middle East, gender issues and science.

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after Ramadan

Would You Be Another Person After Ramadan?

Spiritual energy, motivation, and high ambition are very crucial sides of Ramadan for almost every Muslim. Having that strong will to get over our desires and even our very basic needs for the whole month is something we should use and build on to get the maximum benefits of Ramadan. Ramadan is an excellent and …



Tips for Women on How to Get Ready for Ramadan

Muslims all over the world start counting down for Ramadan with unprecedented motivation and high hopes to do many things and to get the maximum of this holy month. However, intentions are not enough! Muslim women like everyone else have high expectations for the blessed month, as well as more loads and duties. Achieving what …


Between Men and Women What is Midlife Crisis

Between Men and Women, What is Midlife Crisis?

How often do you meet with middle aged people whose lives have turned upside down as they take crucial changes all of a sudden and out of nowhere? In certain age, mostly from late thirties to early fifties, both men and women might experience feelings of identity lost, depression, mood changes, and dissatisfaction about their …



Honey, Please Stand in My Shoes

When you suddenly find your wife talking about the future of your relationship at 2:00 am, while she should be normally sleeping, don’t question her sanity but just remember how men and women differ when it comes to emotions. Many marital problems and misunderstandings stem from the fact that men and women generally feel and …


sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse: Be By Your Child’s Side

No doubt watching a child suffering from physical abuse is very painful, however knowing how sexual abuse affects the physical and psychological well-being of our children is much more devastating. Although physical abuse is more tangible with its bruises and scars, sexual abuse print has a far-reaching, profound and persistent effects. Contrary to the conviction …


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