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Um Hadi has BA in Psychology & Education and acquired certifications in Leadership, Life Coaching, Adults Training, and Relationship Coaching. She is currently completing her Masters in Educational Leadership.

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Cultivating Courage for A Better World

In light of all the tragic and heart breaking events happening to people all around the world, of all faiths, I write this knowing that I and many of the people reading this are infinitely blessed, which can therefore cause a great amount of guilt and feelings of helplessness when we see great suffering happening …



Your Guide to Revival in Ramadan

The doors of heaven are open while the doors of hell fire are closed.  The devils are tied up while Allah increases your rewards in multiples for every good that you do.  It really is the most blessed time of the year: it is Ramadan. In past years, Ramadan came, Ramadan left, and sometimes, not …



Four Keys to Overcoming Loss

Many of us have great dreams and great visions we want to fulfill. However, sometimes we are met with challenges that hold us back, keep us ‘stuck’, and slow us down on our journey to fulfilling our potential and living life with purpose and passion. These challenges can come in the form of some sort …


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