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overcome.tv helps borderline converts overcome the obstacles that keep them from embracing Islam. Learn more about them at www.overcome.tv

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I Felt Like I’d Just Gotten Married

The main thing that Islam has brought in my life is serenity. I feel it all the time. It’s a sort of deflating of a balloon that’s about to burst. “It’s ok… you are safe, you are secure and you can get through all of this without all of the drama that you used to have… that got you nowhere”.


It Was Important For Me to Have Jesus

It was very important for me to have Jesus. I love the stories in the Bible, and then when they told me that he’s a Prophet of God, he’s better than us, he’s a perfect human being… that really set proper in my heart. Then the Quran, being an owner’s manual, a way to live, it was amazing because I was looking for structure.


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