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Nichola Taylor: BA (HONS) European Studies with German language. Social Media Editor of About Islam and mother to my beautiful little girl.

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The Future Is in Our Youth: RIS Convention

The Future Is in Our Youth: RIS Convention

This year I attended the RIS convention in Toronto for the first time. It is one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences, where Muslims from all over the world gather to hear renowned scholars, listen to fantastic nasheed artists and see what great goods they can buy from Muslim sellers. I was excited to listen …


Christmas Time Is My Family Time

Christmas Time is My Family Time

When I became a Muslim, it never entered my head that I wouldn’t be there because it was family time. We all looked forward to it. We were all older, most of us had flown the nest and moved to different places around the UK, me to Egypt. So it was an even more important time to meet up…


Struggling to Have a Baby? Read

Struggling to Have a Baby? Read This

That time of month comes again and with it, brings disappointment and a deep sorrow. I’ve experienced this for five years before my daughter was born. Many women struggling to have a baby will understand immediately what I mean. It took me five years to have my daughter. With it came heartache, grief, frustration, a …


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