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Nadia El-Awady is an Egyptian journalist based between Egypt and the UK. She began her career as a science editor at prominent Islamic website. In addition to science reporting and editing, she has taught journalism, been responsible for journalism training programs, and organized an international conference for science journalists. She was president of both the Arab Science Journalists Association and the World Federation of Science Journalists. Nadia has a B.Sc. in medicine and an MA in journalism. She is a certified scuba diving instructor, an avid hiker, and has recently turned to cycling adventures. She is the proud mother of four beautiful

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Goree island

Goree Island: The Gateway to Hell

What an awful, beautiful island. The approach to Goree Island, just off the coast of Senegal , a 15-minute ferry ride southeast of the country’s capital city of Dakar , gives the impression of exotic serenity. Even walking through the small island, a mere 900 meters (0.6 mi.) long and 300 meters (0.2 mi.) wide, …


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