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Canadian Muslims Raise Funds to Help Toronto Victims

TORONTO – Muslims in Canada have rushed to raise funds for the victims of the horrible attack which struck Toronto Monday afternoon, and left 10 killed with 15 injured after a man driving a van ran down numerous pedestrians in southern Toronto. “We are deeply saddened and offer our condolences to the families of the victims …


US Muslim Group Blames Trump for Increased Anti-Muslim Violence

WASHINGTON, DC – A leading American Muslim civil rights group blamed Monday a spike in anti-Muslim attacks in 2017 on the Islamophobic rhetoric of President Donald Trump and his administration. “Not only have anti-Muslim bias incidents continued to increase, but a greater percentage of these instances have been violent in nature, targeting American children, youth …


New Charity Platform Organizes UK Muslims’ Donations

LONDON – A new ‘revolutionary’ donation platform, aiming to empower Muslims, has been launched in the UK, with a goal of offering support to registered charities and promoting public benefits and charitable purposes. “MuslimGiving is an umbrella organization for UK based Muslim charities,” Muslim Giving website says. “Our primary goal is to help Muslim charities …


UK Awaits Its First Muslim Culture Festival

LONDON – Highlighting the diversity of the British Muslim culture, the annual festival MFest will come to the British Library in London from April 27-29. With over 25 events, MFest will include talks, workshops, presentations, and performances celebrating the the British Muslim culture presented by a panel of artists and writers. Talks will cover topics …


Ramadan Starts May 16 in North America

CAIRO – Muslims in North America will welcome the holy fasting month of Ramadan on Wednesday, May 16, according to astronomical calculations. “Therefore the first day of Ramadan 1439 is on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, insha’Allah. First Tarawih prayer will be on Tuesday night,” reads a statement from the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) …


When Will 29 Pre-Ramadan Days Start?

The astronomical new moon (conjunction) of the new Hijri month of Sha`ban will occur on Monday, the 16th of April, at 1:57 UTC. However, it is possible, but difficult, to see the moon in the Americas; while the only possibility of easy sighting is in Hawaii and Polynesian Islands. The rest of the globe, including …


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