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Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in Canada Up 151% in 2017

TORONTO – Canada witnessed an alarming increase in the volume of hate crimes being reported to police in 2017, with hates crimes targeting Muslims increasing by 151%. According to Statistics Canada, 2017 was the most recent year of reporting hate crimes after 2016 which saw a massive increase of 47%. This caused an increase in …


Canadian Muslims Welcome Neighbors into Mosques

TORONTO – Mosques across Canada opened their doors on Saturday, November 10th and welcomed their neighbors on a day designated as Visit My Mosque Day. “In essence, Visit My Mosque Day is about opening a channel for Muslims and non-Muslims to interact, thus building bridges to a stronger Canada,” said Canadian-Muslim Vote (CMV), organizer of …


Parliament of The World’s Religions Opens in Toronto

TORONTO – Thousands of people from around the world filled the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Thursday evening for the opening ceremonies of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. “Welcome, global interfaith friends, to the seventh convening of the Parliament of the World’s Religions,” said Dr. Robert P. Sellers, Chair of the Board of Trustees …


Muslim Philanthropist Honors Late Father with 7-Figure Donation

TORONTO – Hundreds gathered at Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) in the city of Markham, north of Toronto, on October 30th to celebrate a substantial seven-figure-gift made by Shakir Rehmatullah, president and founder of Flato Developments Inc. In recognition of this monumental donation, the hospital proudly named and officially unveiled — The Shakir Rehmatullah Cancer Clinic. …


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