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Maria Zain

Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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Family planning: Religion & Social Pressures

“He likes the kids,” my husband tells me. “Maybe it’s one of those side effects of being the only child with that one child policy.” Huh, I think about it, watching my husband’s colleague running around with our children in the kid-populated playground. (We are confident that this has nothing to do with paedophilia). Must …


How is a Muslim Supposed to Dress?

One of the quirky questions reverts are often asked when embracing Islam is: “Do you have to dress like that?” That often implies the long dress coupled with the headscarf for women, and not to mention, those that are predominantly black, as popularly portrayed by the media.


Torn Between Two Loves

When Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation, Zainab was already married to a kind and loving husband. His name was Abul-Aas ibn Rabi. Upon learning of her father’s appointment as the last Prophet, Zainab along with her mother Khadijah, and her sisters Ruqayyah…


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