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Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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Manifestation of God Through Science All Around Us

Kurt Gödel was an American logician, mathematician and philosopher of Austrian descent. As one of the iconic logicians in history, alongside Aristotle and Gottlob Frege, Gödel’s work was recognized years after his death in 1978. Was his work attempting to prove the existence of a Supreme Being for the Universe? Gödel’s theories have since been …


I Am Holier Than You... Really?

“I Am Holier Than You” … Really?

With the advent of social media, especially with religious slur-sharing and holy tweets, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling a little holier than the next Muslim, and arguably, scholars are no more (if not more) susceptible to this mindset, as compared to “lay-Muslims”.



Quitting Job For Kids; Will I Turn A Nobody?

“And then I turned into nobody.” Leena talks about moving from a high flying, well-paying job, to simply staying at home. Her family was mortified. As the eldest of seven siblings, and all of them either in University or already a professional, her mother’s disappointed resonated through and through while visitors came to see Leena …


Prophet Muhammad's life

10 Tips for Children to Commemorate Prophet’s Life

Talking about Prophet Muhammad’s life and following his footsteps should be a daily practice for Muslim families. We continue to love, respect and obey Prophet Muhammad, as the human being who was chosen by our Lord to perfect the religion of Islam. Here are ten tips to have your children learning about and the loving …


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