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Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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How to Travel the World as a New Muslim?

Traveling the World as a New Muslim

Traveling as a Muslim is not different as compared to traveling before becoming a Muslim, as long as certain guidelines are adhered to. Tourists, Muslim or not, are required to be respectful of their place of travels, to represent themselves and their own country in a positive light.



Homeschooling Hiccups: Challenges Outside the Box

Homeschooling parents often talk about the joys of home educating their children, since they become able to build strong relationships with them encouraging them to develop as individuals rather than file numbers. In essence, homeschooling does entail gleeful shrieks while running in fields of bright Marigolds, but this does not mean it comes without challenges. …


Juggling Motherhood and Celebrating `Eid

Juggling Motherhood and Celebrating `Eid

`Eid is here. It’s you, your husband, this great festivity and…a truck load of children. Even on “normal” days, quite a lot of the havoc can be overwhelming. Preparing food, getting out of the house, keeping those tantrums at bay – it sounds like it nearly can’t be done. Nonetheless, when there is a will …


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