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Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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Juggling Motherhood and Celebrating `Eid

`Eid is here. It’s you, your husband, this great festivity and…a truck load of children. Even on “normal” days, quite a lot of the havoc can be overwhelming. Preparing food, getting out of the house, keeping those tantrums at bay – it sounds like it nearly can’t be done. Nonetheless, when there is a will …


Ramadan Budget

The Grand Ramadan Budget Plan

Once upon many Ramadans ago, the Holy Month was a month of feasting. In many Muslim countries, one of the greatest cultures of Ramadan was the setting up of the Ramadan Bazaar, where sellers of all walks of life would showcase their cuisine, obviously for the consumption of the masses. While this is a way …


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