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Lauren Booth is a TV and radio presenter who writes for online and print publications. She presents talks and lectures on the media, faith and politics at institutions around the world.Her first book and memoir, ‘Finding Peace In the Holy Land’ is published September 2018. Buy or pre-order ‘Finding Peace In The Holy Land’ here:

Author Articles

UK Mosque Buzzing With a Sense of Community

LONDON – Whitechapel, London’s East End, is where legendary Asian restaurants, spice, and clothes markets nestle amongst English pubs and trendy art galleries creating a unique multicultural environment. Each summer, along with locals and tourists, the area buzzes in a special way, thanks to a project on the roof of East London Mosque. Khalil Attan …


Muslim Creativity Showcased at Annual UK Festival

The final weekend of July sees 45 acres of Oxfordshire woodland and fields adapted to showcase the diversity and creativity of the Muslim community. Willowbrook Farm is found, off a quiet country lane, amidst fields, unusually yellowed by this summer’s intense heat. Last weekend one of the fields was bordered by tents, as the public …


We Need to Talk About `Eid: Lauren Booth

We are living in a ‘multi-polar’ reality. This new buzz phrase describes how aspects of our lives, including Muslim celebrations, are less likely to be dominated by singular cultural expectations, as they once were. In the West, our faith-based holidays are moving beyond family and food, opening up to a plurality of expression and the …


Hospital Iftars A Huge Success in Manchester

Caring for others in Ramadan highlighted by a new initiative launched at a UK hospital. Shiraz Shah, spends hours every day besides his mother’s bedside on the Dementia Ward of the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI).  Just two years ago, the 35 year old, car salesman, spent long periods at the same hospital on a cancer …


Lauren Booth on Ramadan: Triathlon Or Awakening?

Last night at an event for the Palestinian charity Interpal, I met a new mum who wanted to talk about the ‘competitive element’ of Ramadan. At first I wasn’t sure what she meant. After all, this blessed month is our break away from the ‘winner takes all’ attitude pervading our society at all levels. Rawan, …


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